Shower Steamers – Aromatherapy Steamer Shower Bombs for Women with Eucalyptus and Essential Oils –Variety Gift Set of… Price: $16.99 (as of 08/04/2023 19:18 PST- Details)

TURN YOUR SHOWER INTO AN AROMATHERAPY SPA! The hot water of your shower releases the all-natural essential oils from the shower tablet into a heavenly scented steam, transforming your shower into a zen-like aromatherapy spa.
PURE SCENTS THAT STAY POWERFUL! Each shower steamer is vacuum packed to keep the organic scents fresh and potent, unlike other shower pucks that are foil wrapped and lose their smell right out of the package.
NATURALLY MELT AWAY STRESS! – Included are six clearly labeled shower bombs infused with natural, essential oils, such as the healing vapors of eucalyptus, uplifting mint and lemon, calming rose, vanilla, and lavender.